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Power&Gender Testata giornalistica online Registrazione tribunale di Roma n° 481/2006 del 13/12/2006 Direttrice responsabile: Eva Panitteri
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EIGE Report: on-line discussion “Women and Political Decision-Making PDF Stampa E-mail
Scritto da Emma Pietrafesa   
sabato 19 ottobre 2013

ImageREPORT - EIGE ( is running online forum on various subjects. We took part to the discussion entitled: "Women and Political Decision-Making". The discussion was inspiring, thoughtful and, hopefully, an input for further attention to and action on this key issue. Sought to explore the lack of gender balance in political decision-making, to map the barriers to equal representation of women and men, and to identify strategies to enhance gender equality at all levels in the political arena. Was conducted in the context of the opportunities offered by the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament. It identified that much work still needs to be done to advance gender equality in the po­litical system.

The strong commitment to gender equality in the political arena from the European Institutions, the energy and creativity being shown by civil society on this issue, and own commitment and interest all offer hope for achieving greater gender balance on different level of decision-making in Europe.

In the discussion we found instances of progress that were a source of encouragement. However, in many other instances progress was slow and in some cases was even being reversed. There was a fear of backlash especially in a context of recession where issues of gender equality have gone off the agenda. This poses a significant challenge.

By way of inspiration, we heard from three MEPs – Sirpa Pietikainen from Finland, Marusya Lyubcheva from Bul­garia, and Claudette Abela Baldacchino from Malta – who all demonstrated a strong and insightful support for the greater empowerment of women including through the use of quotas.

A wide spectrum of barriers was identified. The practice of political parties, the electoral system itself, the practice of democratic institutions, and the media were identified on the demand side. Low self-confidence, lack of resources, internalisation of stereotypes and inadequate opportunity to reconcile work and family life were identified on the supply side. This provides an agenda on which to engage the evident commitment to change in this area.


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